Board of DirectorsBoard of Directors

The Board of Directors is responsible for the overall policy and operations of the Corporations and the League’s interest in other corporations. 

Boston Conference of Community Health CentersBoston Conference of Community Health Centers

The primary purpose of the Boston Conference is to serve as a forum for discussion and dialogue, mutual problem solving, and joint opportunity development amongst community health centers in the City of Boston.

Clinical Issues CommitteeClinical Issues Committee

The Clinical Issues Committee meets on a quarterly basis to discuss clinical topics relevant to Community Health Centers. The primary purpose of the Clinical Issues Committee is to develop positions and monitor issues of clinical importance to community health centers and to inform League membership of major clinical initiatives and activities taking place locally and nationally.  

For access to the CIC Community, please Click Here.

Meeting Materials:
You can access meeting materials and resources by visiting the library in the CIC Community. Please use the links below to access materials shared from the meetings.

Education CommitteeEducation Committee

The primary purpose of the Education Committee is to assist the League in planning education programs for the community health center constituency.

Governmental Affairs CommitteeGovernmental Affairs Committee

There primary purpose of the Committee shall be to monitor, review, and inform League membership of major policy and legislative developments taking place on the local, state, and federal level.

Program CommitteeProgram Committee

The primary purpose of the Program Committee includes monitoring and assistance with League Programs.